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harry & the yellow ribbon

really ma?  this is a new low for me.

i’m running away from you now . . .

harry and the haircut, take 2

you might be curious about how long it takes a tibetan terrier to grow his coat out.   well the answer is about 3 months.  we started to find mats in harry’s coat and decided to take him in for another summer trim. there are also a few sanitary reasons i won’t get into why we prefer to keep his coat shorter.

this time we selected a #5 razor (which was shorter than the first time).  in the pictures, his coat has grown out for about 1 week.

it’s taken him about a week as well to get used to his newly shorn look.  harry acted a bit odd the first few days post-cut.  it was almost like he felt exposed and less confident without all that hair.  we’ve also noticed that he seems to be more playful, less sleepy and more frisky since the hair cut (although certainly you can’t tell in these photos where he’s snoozing away).  maybe the shaggy coat has an anesthetic effect?

harry & the haircut

you might ask why harry’s hiding under his bed rather than sleeping on top of it . . . well the next photo will explain why!

harry got a haircut and looked all sorts of awkward afterwards.  he hid under his bed, ashamed of his lost locks! the photo above shows him about 3 weeks post a visit to the groomers.  he’s looking less awkward now but it still ain’t no fluffy harry of yore . . .

harry & the box

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road trippin’ with harry

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a harry halloween

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month 8: the adventures of harry the puppy

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month 7.5: the adventures of harry the puppy

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month 7: the adventures of harry the puppy

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weeks 26 & 27: the adventures of harry the puppy

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