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there’s a new bakery in tribeca . . .

takahachi bakery is perhaps the nicest japanese bakery in new york city.  they’ve got a huge assortment of pastry items:  asian flavored ice cream, japanese sandwiches both hot and cold (e.g. a yakisoba sandwich), salads, a long counter filled with japanese breads (the mochi anpan is delicious, as is their walnut crumble almond danish), and a glistening pastry case filled with things like shiso flavored puff pastry, artfully decorated cupcakes, opera cakes, fancy mousse cakes, japanese strawberry shortcakes, french macarons and delicate earl grey financiers. they just opened a week or so ago.  and while i’ve gone there 4-5x already, i find their assortment so vast that i feel as if i’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg.

i usually get one of their salads and one of their irresistible pastry breads. there’s a light-and-airy,  seating area in the back, where you can watch the pastry chefs and master bakers hard at work.

everything is made fresh daily. it’s my kind of place.

Takahachi Bakery
25 Murray St (near Church)
Mon-Fri: 7-7
Sat: 8-8
Sun: 8-4