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le timbre in paris

one of our recent finds in paris is le timbre, a postage stamp-sized (and so, eponymously named) bistro manned by english chef, chris wright.

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a visit to l’atelier de joel robuchon

years ago, G, hubs and i wandered over to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in midtown during its first opening week.  they hadn’t as yet gotten their act together, and the evening ended up being a bit of a disappointment.  (i’m told by foodie friend M that the NYC branch has since ironed out the opening jitters and ranks among his favorite eateries in the City).

now in the last few years, it seems as if every food tv show doing a special paris  food scene segment includes a visit to the original L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon on rue de montalembert.  when hubs and i found ourselves in paris over our december holiday, we decided to give L’Atelier another try. happy christmas to us! Continue reading

hugo & victor in paris

hugo and victor opened up a few months back in late march and i’ve finally had a chance to pop over an check it out.  it’s a slick and luxurious place, where pastries, exquisitely decorated, are placed behind what looks like hermetically sealed glass cases.  it’s a jewel of a store, elevating pastry to high art.  that said, it’s also a place that is as quiet as a museum, lacks lines and a sense of accessibility.  if it weren’t for the quality of its product, i’d worry more about its long-term viability. i’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the pastry obsessed crowd at pierre herme wanders over to  h&v.

i did ask if i could take pictures of the pastries inside the store, however, the staff denied my request.  fortunately, my friend S managed to snap quite a few on a separate trip and is letting me post them. there are more divine shots at the store’s website. i’d add that the store has a few core flavors (chocolate, caramel and vanilla) that are always available and a few seasonal flavors that change.  when we were there, the seasonal flavors were cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and currants.

hubby and i left the store with a bag filled with macarons, fruit jellies and financiers.  after eating the financiers on the plane ride home, we kinda wish we had bought like a dozen of those things.  definitely the finest financiers that i have ever tasted.  the texture is at once dense but also moist. i’m guessing that there’s a higher egg to flour mixture than in the typical financier recipe. they came in a 4 flavors: chocolate, orange, plain and cherry.

Hugo & Victor
40 Boulevard Raspail
Paris (Saint Germain area, near Le Bon Marche)
Mon-Sat: 9a-8:15p
Sun: 9a-1:30p

ph’s ispahan sorbet

it’s once again sweltering in NYC, and i got to thinking about pierre herme’s ispahan sorbet that hubby and i shared (well mostly me) in paris. the ispahan sorbet is a combination of litchee, rose and rasberry.  you can’t really taste the rose, it’s more of a perfumed essence imparted to the litchee.

mmmm kinda wish i had a tub of that in my freezer right now!

nb.  his ice creams are not available at all locations and are not always available year round.  i tried to buy one in november but they told me there was none in stock. i got mine this time around at the saint germain location.