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flo’s snack cake

i’ve had flo braker’s baking for all occasions book for a while now. . . and just came across her recipe for any day all-occasion snack cake (p. 66).  it’s a simple to make and deliciously versatile cake.  one can drop in anything from berries to carrots to raisins to diced apples. Continue reading

vegan (miso almond butter white cherry jam raisin and chocolate chip) cookies

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no knead harvest bread


i’ve got a bread making imp that pops in every so often for a visit.  last night, i thought i’d make a no knead harvest bread recipe that i had spied over at king arthur flour. piled on with pecans, raisins and dried cherries, the harvest bread is  much tastier than the plain version.  although i’d caveat that the raisins exposed on the top of the dough will burn easily.  for future attempts, i would try if possible to make sure that all the raisins and cherries are safely tucked beneath the dough before slotting it into the oven.