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hugo & victor in paris

hugo and victor opened up a few months back in late march and i’ve finally had a chance to pop over an check it out.  it’s a slick and luxurious place, where pastries, exquisitely decorated, are placed behind what looks like hermetically sealed glass cases.  it’s a jewel of a store, elevating pastry to high art.  that said, it’s also a place that is as quiet as a museum, lacks lines and a sense of accessibility.  if it weren’t for the quality of its product, i’d worry more about its long-term viability. i’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the pastry obsessed crowd at pierre herme wanders over to  h&v.

i did ask if i could take pictures of the pastries inside the store, however, the staff denied my request.  fortunately, my friend S managed to snap quite a few on a separate trip and is letting me post them. there are more divine shots at the store’s website. i’d add that the store has a few core flavors (chocolate, caramel and vanilla) that are always available and a few seasonal flavors that change.  when we were there, the seasonal flavors were cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and currants.

hubby and i left the store with a bag filled with macarons, fruit jellies and financiers.  after eating the financiers on the plane ride home, we kinda wish we had bought like a dozen of those things.  definitely the finest financiers that i have ever tasted.  the texture is at once dense but also moist. i’m guessing that there’s a higher egg to flour mixture than in the typical financier recipe. they came in a 4 flavors: chocolate, orange, plain and cherry.

Hugo & Victor
40 Boulevard Raspail
Paris (Saint Germain area, near Le Bon Marche)
Mon-Sat: 9a-8:15p
Sun: 9a-1:30p