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whole grain grape jam yogurt cake

i tend to bake yogurt cakes two at a time.  they need to bake for about 1 hour in the oven, so i figure, i better make good use of the energy by filling the oven up as much as i can.  now this whole grain grape jam yogurt cake came about because i, uh, ran out of all sorts of things while whipping up the batter.  i came up short of AP flour and substituted with whole grain. lacking an additional 1/2 cup of sugar, i used homemade grape jam baked right into the batter to make up the difference.  fortunately, yogurt cakes are one of the more forgiving cakes out there, and with a little luck, it  came out allright! Continue reading

homemade grape jam

a few weeks back, hubs and i bought a big box of what we thought were sweet and juicy red seedless grapes.  they turned out to be juicy but not so sweet.  we picked at a few of them, but ultimately ended up letting the lot languish in the fridge uneaten for quite a few days.  being loathe to toss out an otherwise perfectly fine bunch of grapes, i decided to experiment with making grape jam. Continue reading