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lemon cream stuffed puffs

remember that quart of lemon cream i made but which didn’t work so well sandwiched in between two tea cookies? well . . . i decided to get out my piping bags and stuff it into some pâte à choux (or choux dough) puffs.  it’s still ooey and gooey once you bite into it, but it does stay quite a better in its enclosed cream puff receptacle.

some science 1st:  while some doughs get their rise from the action of yeast fermentation or baking powder, choux dough rises from steam.  the water content of the dough is quite high, and as it bakes away, the water in the dough steams out, causing the dough rise into light airy puffs.   (this also means that one should stand to the side upon opening the oven; otherwise, you’ll be greeted with a rather hot squirt of steam). Continue reading