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mixed berry crumb bars

we had a bit of a berry overload situation going on in the refrigerator, and i decided to deal with the matter by baking them into the blueberry crumb bar recipe i found over at smitten kitchen.

i pretty much followed the recipe to a tee, with two exceptions:

– i made the crust in a food processor rather than chunking it up by hand
– i used about 5 cups of mixed berries (consisting of cherries, blueberries & blackberries) but kept the sugar and lemon juice ratio the same.  hubs thought it was still a bit too sweet, so you might want to cut the sugar down further a tad!

kerry apple yogurt cake

yogurt cakes are back, and right in time for st. patty’s day!  i came across the kerry apple cake, as i researched irish desserts for st. patrick’s day.  being short on butter, i decided to make the kerry apple cake while using the yogurt cake as a base. Continue reading