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mixed fruit tart


sometimes when i’ve got some extra tart dough lying around that i want to use up, i whip up a fruit tart.  it’s really quite easy to do and a great way to display the jewels of mother nature’s creation.  first, i bake the tart shell (using any type of pastry) until it is fully cooked and i let it cool.  then, i whip up some creme legere (which is about 2/3 pastry cream and 1/3 whipped cream).  i spread a layer of creme layer on the bottom of the shell, and then arrange fruit to completely cover the top of the shell.  when using fruit that oxidizes (aka apples), i rub lemon on the fruit to prevent discoloration. And that’s all there is to it in a tart shell!

voila! crepe cake

Crepe Cake

Crepe Cake

<—– here’s how my crepe cake turned out.

i ended up filling it with alternating layers of creme legere and homemade blackberry earl grey jam.  creme legere is essentially pastry cream combined with whipped cream. it’s that creamy, vanilla tasting custard type filling that you find spread on fruit tarts.  mmmm yummy.  if i didn’t need to fit into my jeans, i’d probably eat that stuff out of a bowl.

i’ve got a big jar of blackberry earl grey jam sitting in my fridge. the jam ended up being a bit runny such that it became more of a jam + soaking syrup.  i thought it tasted great but if you’re looking for a less runny presentation, you could try stabilising jam more with gelatin or pectin.  i’m thinking that the store bought versions of jam probably don’t have this issue.  at any rate, during one of the last days of summer, the crepe jam cake reminded me of the glories of summer.  that bright shiny day, i ambled past a fruit vendor and brought home a crate of blackberries because they were well ripe, sweet, cheap and perfect for jam making!

happy end of summer!