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clementine marmalade cookies

way back when, i set about making clementine marmalade because i really wanted to make those jam thumbprint cookies.  i meant to make them for christmas but time got the best of me, and i never got around to doing so.  winter just hasn’t felt right to me without thumbprint cookies.

now, after i stewed up some clementine marmalade, i went about looking for a good thumbprint cookie recipe and ended up getting distracted!  (what is wrong with me?) while flipping thru dorie’s baking from my home to yours tome, i came across a rather innocuous looking recipe for jam cookies.  rather than baking the jam on top of the cookie, the jam is mixed right into the batter.  i’ve never encountered anything like that before, so i figured, why not give it a go.  plus, i’ve got enough clementine marmalade leftover for making jam thumbprint cookies, that is if i ever get around to making them. Continue reading

clementine marmalade

after a successful venture with nigella’s clementine cake recipe, i got to thinking about stewing up homemade clementine marmalade.  the thinking led to doing and lo and behold, i found myself hovered over the stove slowly stirring a pot of clementines with the marvellous recipe book (mes confitures) of christine ferber as my guide. Continue reading