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jacques genin in paris

jacques genin has been whispered as the greatest chocolatier in paris, and has for years supplied 3 star michelin restaurants with chocolates on a strictly need to know basis.   he opened up a retail shop in 2008 not too far from place de vosges, but a bit of a hike away from confectionery ground zero in saint-germain.  yes, it’s taken me 3 years since his opening to make my way there.

is it worth the hike?  YES! everything sold in the shop is made in the kitchen Continue reading

caramel double apple bundt cake

i had never heard of apple butter prior to flipping through dorie greenspan’s cookbooks.  it’s mentioned in several of her recipes.  so imagine my delight when my good friend E sent me a box of assorted jams and jellies, including a jar of apple butter from McCutcheon’s. Continue reading