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le petit bedon in avignon

avignon is one of these odd places where it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good place to eat on the weekends without winding up in either a tourist trap or a fancy joint requiring jacket and tie.  a lot of restaurants are closed on not only sunday night but also saturday night, and the few that are open book up quickly. i suppose that when one has access to such beautiful produce at local markets, the cooking at home is rather alluring.

le petit bedon was not my first choice (my first choice was closed on a saturday night!), but it turned out to be a charming sort of place.  the restaurant seats under 20 people, light, airy and romantic on the inside.  it’s a place where guests walked in wearing both cocktail dresses and t-shirt/shorts combo. 3 menus were offered at dinner: a 3 course for €25, a fancier 3 course for €38 and a la carte. we went for the €25 option. the maître d‘ on duty the night we went was part british and spoke exquisite english.

the food is fresh, somewhat conventional and heavily spiced with provencal flavors: cumin, thyme, fennel, olive oil, tomatoes abundant. the dessert felt like a bit of an afterthought.  a slice of cake or panna cotta (not pictured) that was placed on a plate and then arranged with some sauces to dress it up.  it’s not quite a meal that i’d rave about or warn against; it’s somewhere in between.  a solid effort and a place to go again, if i found myself in search of a non-touristy restaurant open on a weekend night.

Le Petit Bedon
70 rue Joseph Vernet
Avignon – 84000