Green Shoots

in which the 2010 tomato growing season is charted…

february 6, 2010

plopped some seeds into soil to kick-off the germination process. this year, i’m planting pineapple, razzleberry, better bush, totem and orange varieties of tomatoes — all purchased from

february 16, 2010

5 out of the 6 seedlings have poked their heads out of the ground with young sprouts!

february 26, 2010

my o my! we’ve got cell division working rapidly away here.  most of the seedlings have started to sprout their first full set of leaves.

march 9, 2010

i moved the seedlings from a south facing roost to an eastern one.  i wonder if they like the change of scenery.  the little shoots now measure about 3-4 inches tall.  i think i might be time to transplant them soon.

april 7, 2010

i transplanted the seedlings into their container about 2.5 weeks ago.  they are doing some heavy duty growing now and have since shot up to be about 1.5 feet tall.  the little green foliage growing next to the tomato plants are basil seedlings.  i read somewhere that tomatoes taste and grow better when planted with basil.

april 15, 2010

now 2 feet tall, that’s about 6 inches a week.  one of the plants has got a flower bud that appears to be blossoming…i might just get my first tomato by early june!

may 2, 2010

the tomatoes are growing strong and mighty.  the largest one is now just under 4 feet tall (about 3.5 feet when i took the picture).  all except one of the varieties have begun to flower.  a few have even started to form fruit.  hmm, does this mean i’ll get my first tomato by mid may?

may 17, 2010

the cherry tomato varieties are now laden with fruits, albeit still green.  the normal sized tomato producing plants has a healthy cluster of tomatoes growing (as below) and is now ~5 feet tall. i’ll need to start trimming away at their branches so as to keep their growth in check.

june 14, 2010

i started to post tomato updates in the main section of my blog.  around mid-June, the main stalk of my tomato plant cracked due to the weight of its fruits (note to self:  remember to prune and/or properly support tomato plants in the future).  more on the episode here

october 7, 2010

picture of a 252g pineapple tomato, harvested in the morning. click here


8 responses to “Green Shoots

  1. tomato sambal time! xoxo

  2. They’re growing so vigorously! 🙂 Just ordered some veggy seeds, including cherry tomatoes

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  4. So good to stumble upon another tomato grower! I grow ‘Pineapple’ last year and it was one of my favorites.

    Please keep us posted! Thanks!

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