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harry’s first snow!

remember that snow storm we had in the middle of january?  well hubs and i got up bright and early that saturday morning and dragged harry out to experience his first snow fall.  he seemed a bit apprehensive about the stuff at first, but then discovered that it was a lot of fun!  we’re pleased to report that harry’s natural snow shoe paws work great in the snow.  he didn’t seem to be cold at all and dragged us along, as hubs and i tried to avert slipping in falling in our clunky snow boots.

after a good romp in the virgin snow in the dog park near us, we took a short stroll to soho.  that’s a snow covered harry waiting for us to feed him some pastry from dominique ansel’s bakery.

he looks a bit disheveled, doesn’t he?


harry & the yogurt container

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harry new year!

harry had kind of a rough new year’s eve . . . i found him hiding underneath our bed early on new year’s morning . . . he wants to wish you a happy and healthy 2012! really, he does!

harry and the sofa

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harry & the box

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road trippin’ with harry

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a harry halloween

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