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harry & the yellow ribbon

really ma?  this is a new low for me.

i’m running away from you now . . .

harry in repose

i think it’s been a while since harry popped up on our blog . . . that said, he really hasn’t been doing too much this super hot & sticky summer, aside from assuming all sorts of positions of relaxation inside where there’s air conditioning!

one of my favorites! he seems to be saying in that photo: “yeah…i’m sleeping…what do you want?”

he’s a total mess here! (but very comfortable!)

one of the few photos where i caught him truly passed out…moments later he entered REM with feet twitching and strange little doggy sounds emitting.

harry and the haircut, take 2

you might be curious about how long it takes a tibetan terrier to grow his coat out.   well the answer is about 3 months.  we started to find mats in harry’s coat and decided to take him in for another summer trim. there are also a few sanitary reasons i won’t get into why we prefer to keep his coat shorter.

this time we selected a #5 razor (which was shorter than the first time).  in the pictures, his coat has grown out for about 1 week.

it’s taken him about a week as well to get used to his newly shorn look.  harry acted a bit odd the first few days post-cut.  it was almost like he felt exposed and less confident without all that hair.  we’ve also noticed that he seems to be more playful, less sleepy and more frisky since the hair cut (although certainly you can’t tell in these photos where he’s snoozing away).  maybe the shaggy coat has an anesthetic effect?

a harry 1st anniversary

it’s hard to believe…that on this very day, 365 days ago . . . harry first popped into our lives!  i still remember that drive back from CT where we picked him up and fought with him the entire 2.5 hour drive home.

since that time . . . harry has packed on 20 lbs, has chewed thru many of our shoes, has had his hair shaved once, has become potty trained, has learned a few tricks, has roadtripped to NH, CT and NJ, and has also somehow finagled his way into sleeping in our bedroom!

bravo harry!

harry & the haircut

you might ask why harry’s hiding under his bed rather than sleeping on top of it . . . well the next photo will explain why!

harry got a haircut and looked all sorts of awkward afterwards.  he hid under his bed, ashamed of his lost locks! the photo above shows him about 3 weeks post a visit to the groomers.  he’s looking less awkward now but it still ain’t no fluffy harry of yore . . .

a fluffy harry

harry turned 1 (finally) a few weeks back.  we haven’t had a chance to weigh him in a while, but we think he’s probably past the 25 lb mark.  W thinks he weighs closer to 30 lbs.

we gave harry a bath over the weekend as well.  and after some pruning and primping with a comb, he starts to look awfully fluffy!!!  i don’t think he likes the puffy frou frou look. as soon as we take him outside after a bath, he insists on rolling around on the ground, probably so as to de-pouf himself.

here’s another view of clean and fluffy harry:

harry & the bed

about 2 weeks ago, harry started to pee on his bed.  not once but twice!  by the 2nd time, i figured it was b/c i wasn’t able to get the odor out of his old bed, and hence he decided that it made for a good latrine.  i ended up tossing out the old bed and ordered a new one from harry barker. they make the most gorgeous dog accessories, and they’re all very well made and sturdy!  plus, they were having a sale, which made harry’s toile bed a ‘eck of a lot more affordable.

harry seems to be enjoying his new bed.  or at least, as soon as he climbed on board, he didn’t leave it for several hours.  he hasn’t peed on the new bed in the last several weeks.  i’ll take that as a sign of approval!

harry’s first snow!

remember that snow storm we had in the middle of january?  well hubs and i got up bright and early that saturday morning and dragged harry out to experience his first snow fall.  he seemed a bit apprehensive about the stuff at first, but then discovered that it was a lot of fun!  we’re pleased to report that harry’s natural snow shoe paws work great in the snow.  he didn’t seem to be cold at all and dragged us along, as hubs and i tried to avert slipping in falling in our clunky snow boots.

after a good romp in the virgin snow in the dog park near us, we took a short stroll to soho.  that’s a snow covered harry waiting for us to feed him some pastry from dominique ansel’s bakery.

he looks a bit disheveled, doesn’t he?

harry & the yogurt container

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harry new year!

harry had kind of a rough new year’s eve . . . i found him hiding underneath our bed early on new year’s morning . . . he wants to wish you a happy and healthy 2012! really, he does!