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the original starbucks

hubs and i wandered up to the northwest about 2 weekends ago or so.  we got in late at night.  famished and on new york time, we wandered out into pike place market in search of food.  most things were still shuttered.  starbucks was the only thing open in the early morning hours.  but . . . it wasn’t just any starbucks!  it was the original starbucks!  yup…the store from the early 1970s.  the store that began it all.

and we weren’t the only ones inside so early in the morning.  the place was already milling with japanese tourists and locals.

is it any different from your neighborhood starbucks?  i’d say so! the interior has more character and resembles an ole’ mom & pop run general store turned coffee shop.  (the store also has tons more starbucks paraphernalia than the normal sbux).

there aren’t any seats — counter space only.  and…they use an italian espresso machine, la marazocco. . . rather than the swiss made mastrena.  i ordered an ice americano . . . and have to say that it was one of the most intense americanos that i’ve ever had.

if every starbucks was like the original one in pike place, i might find myself going there more often or making that special trip.  nowadays, i find myself searching out all the specialty coffee shops that have popped up in the city, like stumptown, blue bottle, ninth street, etc.