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hakkasan in nyc

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rocco dispirito in the ‘hood!

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danji nyc

i went to danji a few months back and since then, my friends have been asking me for more “colour” on the restaurant.  so without further ado, here it goes . . .

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madeleines: my white whale

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shake shack tribeca / bpc now open!

so i snapped these pictures 3 days ago, and since then, the shake shack near my neighborhood has finally opened! i’m glad i no longer have to trek up to madison square park to get my burger, milk shake and french fries fix.  hurrah!

Shake Shack BPC / Tribeca
215 Murray Street (between West Street & North End Avenue) — basically it’s at the foot of the movie theater complex, right behind Goldman Sachs HQ.
Daily 11am-11pm

dipping a toe into the dutch, nyc

i have this friend, S, who has been a partner in crime along many of my eating misadventures in nyc.  in the past several months we’ve had enough mediocre or even sub-par experiences at new restaurants that well, i think he’s lost the grit to venture into the unknown.  he’s developed a new mantra about waiting at least 2 months for new restaurants to work out their kinks, for the staff to learn the ropes, and for all the critics, professional and amateur alike, to throw their 2¢ in.

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doughnut plant, nyc

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grape jam rugelach with pecans and chocolate chips

i never realised how good rugelach can be until i bought an individual one for 90¢ at sarabeth’s bakery inside of chelsea market one weekend.  Continue reading

ruby et violette’s chocolate chip cookies

a few weeks back, hubs and i found ourselves wandering around in the streets  of nyc with nothing to do!  quite the luxury these days.  we were in the vicinity of the newly renovated limelight boutiques and decided to finally go inside for a peek.  the notorious club has become fully transformed into a warren of accessory, gift and food shops.  we tunneled around for a bit and just as we were about to leave, spied the sign for ruby et violette’s gourmet cookie shop on the 2nd level.  i had always wanted to try their cookies, and here an opportunity had presented itself. Continue reading

nyc battle of the ramen – pt. 1

last weekend, hubs and i found ourselves with a hankering for ramen.  we found ourselves at minca on friday evening, and then at ippudo for brunch the next day.  i guess you could say it was an opportunity to host our private “battle of the ramen” culinary event.  Continue reading