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florence is a tripe town

i’ve been gallivanting through europe for the past 2 weeks, and now i’m back with so much to share!

hubby and i found ourselves in florence somewhere in the middle of our trip, where we discovered that the ancient medici seat is very much a tripe town.  we came across tripe everywhere . . .

piled high in heaping quantities at san lorenzo mercato . . .

. . . served as a juicy dripping sandwich from a shop at the market

. . . appearing as the featured snack at a street cart right outside of cibreo

. . . and in a casserole dish at the venerable trattoria sostanza (where a young burberry clad tot seemed to be rather disgusted by hubby’s entree selection)

tripe, as prepared in florence, is fork tender and oozing with the flavors of roasted tomatoes,  freshly ground pesto and just grated parmigiano.  it won me over with one bite.

San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale
Via dell’Ariento, 87-r
Florence, Italy
55 214070‎
Mon-Sat: 7am-2pm

Trattoria Sostanza
Via Porcellana 25r
Florence, Italy
Mon-Fri: Noon – 2:15pm; 7:30pm- 9:45pm