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arugula & prosciutto soup

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ningxia’s wolfberries (goji berries)

ever wonder what goji berries (also known as wolfberries) look like on the tree?  well there you have it.  the ones in photo above (from a roadside goji berry farm) are still green — they’re due to turn red in a few weeks.

ningxia province in china is one of the largest growers of goji berries in the world, and the quality of the berries is purportedly unparalleled. not exactly sure why, but they sure looked a lot larger in size than the tibetan goji berries i bought at costco a few years back.   the goji farmer we encountered explained to us that, in addition to being packed with antioxidants, goji berry trees are planted to stem the tide of desertification. (the things you have to worry about when the gobi dessert is at your borders…hmmm)

i think i’ll give a green thumbs up to the goji!

tastewise, goji berries can be a bit um medicinal. although for those who have acquired the taste since childhood, i’m told it can be rather comforting. for me, i find the best way to prepare them is to sprinkle gojis along with dates into a chicken or rib soup with plenty of ginger and rice wine to mediate the medicinal taste of the goji berries.  kinda like the one photographed in my prior post, though home versions tend to be a lot more generous with the gojis.