japanese honey cake (castella cake)

so i got a hankering for castella cake all of a sudden on sunday morning, and decided to see if i could make some at home.  i found a recipe at justhungry and decided that it was easy enough for me to follow (although justhungry does caution that the cake takes a bit more skill and isn’t a beginner’s cake).

the recipe doesn’t use and oil or butter or any chemical leavening agent.  rather the rise in the cake as well as the moisture mostly comes from the copious quantities of eggs!  there are 8 eggs that go into the batter . . . which are whipped up to the ribbon stage to provide the cake’s structure and texture.

the cake itself came out moist with a dense/silky texture.  that said, i thought it tasted a bit too eggy for me.  would probably use 6 whole eggs + 3 egg whites in the future.

i followed justhungry’s recipe for the most part but made some adjustments as follows:

–  i have a standmixer but don’t own an electric hand mixer.  here’s what to do if you find yourself in such a predicament.  mix the eggs for about 1 minute in your standmixer first at medium.  then add the sugar.  mix it for another minute in your standmixer at medium speed.  then take it over to the water bath.  keep mixing with a hand whisk until the sugar has mostly dissolved (the whisking prevents the eggs from cooking).  then whisk the eggs at medium speed until it gets to the ribbon stage.  then change to low speed and whisk for 30 more seconds so that the air bubbles becomes smaller.

– as soon as i unmolded the cake (within 3-5 minutes of resting), i wrapped it in 3 layers of plastic.  let it cool until it warm enough to handle and placed it in the fridge.  i found that plastic worked much better than a ziploc bag.

– i sliced the sides off the cake using a serrated knife after it had completely. cooled in the fridge.

One response to “japanese honey cake (castella cake)

  1. The one I made fell in the middle. The taste was delicious and I suppose it may be time to try again.

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