harry and the sofa

the sofa is harry’s favorite place to nap.  that said, harry isn’t allowed onto the sofa.  he knows this and yet when i’m not mindful, he sneaks on board.  i think he’s figured out that the way to get attention, is to sit on the sofa. either that, or he sees it as a gigantic toy.

well the other day, harry did a very very very very BAD thing.  he started jumping up and down on the sofa, and then got so excited that he peed on it. yes . . . he peed on it.  (and this happened about 15 minutes after he got back from an hour long walk, where he peed 2x already). he’s in trouble…big trouble…he’s really done himself in this time. he’s in the dog house.  he’s not getting any treats for a week.

i don’t think we’ll ever let him on the sofa ever again. (i’ve got cleaners coming this friday, who will hopefully be able to remove the stain. fingers crossed!!!)

oh harry!!!!!!


2 responses to “harry and the sofa

  1. harry – very naughty dog! what mischief do you have up your sleeve next?

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