tim ho wan @ IFC

hubs, Y and i were quite pleased with ourselves! at 8:30 am, we were the first people in line waiting for tim ho wan’s latest location in the IFC to open up.  that particular shop has opening hours of 9 am – 9 pm.  we didn’t see a 2nd table show up until 8:50 am, and by the time we finished eating at around 10 am, there was a waiting list of about 2-3 tables deep.  all of this is a vast improvement from the original mongkok location that purportedly has a wait time of 2-3 hours.

tim ho wan, started by former Lung King Heen chef Pui Gor, is a no-frills dim sum specialty house.  it isn’t one of those fancy dim sum parlours, where the dumplings are made to resemble bunnies, swans, carp, etc.  it also isn’t the sort of place with finely pressed linens, and a 100+ type of teas tea menu. what it is, is tasty, flavorful and cheap.  they do their classic dim sum, i.e. chicken feet, roast pork buns, etc., well, and in fact, many times we gasped that “this was the best XYZ, we ever ate.”

between the 3 of us, we ordered just about one of every thing on the menu, and the bill came to $35.  we were stuffed, stuffed, stuffed — and had about 3-4 dishes unfinished.

so here we go…here’s the photo log of what we gorged on at tim ho wan:

tim ho wan’s signature crispy sweet crust roast pork bun. . .
. . . and here’s another view of the roast pork bun
pork ribs steamed over rice
lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice
roast pork enrobed in steamed rice noodles
steamed shrimp dumplings
turnip cake
chicken feet
another signature dish…super tender meatballs made of beef . . .
steamed spare ribs. . . .
braised tofu skin wrapped roll
spring rolls!
fried puffy dumpling
and one of my personal favorites . . . tim ho wan’s signature osmanthus and goji berry jelly for dessert!

we also ordered a malay cake (steamed cake) which was delicious and one of their signature dishes.  unfortunately, i forgot to get the photo!

Tim Ho Wan @ IFC
Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall) , Central
9am-9pm; reservations not taken
Tel: 2332 3078

5 responses to “tim ho wan @ IFC

  1. Makes my stomach growl. I need to tag along to all your feasting excursions! Work just gets in the way…

  2. Hi! May i know how to go this restaurant from HONG KONG MTR station? is it located in the MTR station or IFC mall? thanks!

  3. That’s helpful! thank you =)

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