a harry halloween

a few weeks back, i popped into old navy, which oddly enough has some of the cutest and rather affordable doggie halloween costumes.  i picked up a banana split outfit for harry.  we showed it to him a few days earlier and he mistook it for a new toy.  after prying it from his hairy jaws, i hid the costume in a cabinet, thinking that it would be safe until halloween.  harry, however, never forgot about his new “toy” and this morning, found the banana split.  that’s him absconding with it in his mouth.

and, that’s a view of him happily munching on the banana split on the couch (which by the way is restricted territory for him; he does, however, flout our house rules without the slightest bit of hesitation).

well harry and i hope you have a happy halloween!  one of these days i’ll snag a photo of him actually dressed up in his costume (it comes with a whipped cream with cherry on top hat too!)

One response to “a harry halloween

  1. haha halloween harry!

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