rocco dispirito in the ‘hood!

this is going to be a quickie:  as i took harry out for a stroll in the ‘hood, i came across rocco dispirito’s food truck!  and…rocco himself was in the truck taking orders! i found out afterwards that the truck turned up on warren street (between greenwich & west; near the whole foods in tribeca) yesterday. not sure how much longer it will be in the same spot though . . .

apparently, if you buy lunch from the truck, the profits go towards feeding lunch to children who really need it.  moreover, everything on the menu is under 350 calories.  the menu included things like mama’s meatballs with penne for $5; and chicken noodle soup for $5. if i didn’t have lunch plans already, i would have gotten something from the truck.

why look at us! we’re doing nearly live-reporting now!

2 responses to “rocco dispirito in the ‘hood!

  1. harry needs to be reporting … live from tribeca!

    • tomatointribeca

      that’s what i tell him!!! tho he doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing anything other than chewing on our rugs & furniture these days.

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