oatmeal cookie redux

i went to balthazar’s the other day and picked up a jumbo size oatmeal raisin cookie.  i anticipated a mouthful of hearty, chewy, nutty joy, but when i bit into it, i got something rock hard and sadly dry.

of course, that experience reminded me to re-start my quest for the perfect oatmeal cookie recipe; a foray that i had put on hold, being side-tracked by other sweet eats and real world stuff. my previous oatmeal cookie experiments can be found here and here.

i started googling around and came across this posting about the world’s best oatmeal cookies at a geezer’s corner, which the writer had gotten from America’s Test Kitchen.  i thought i’d give it a go.  the recipe turns out a splendidly moist and chunky cookie — my motley crew of taste testers went crazy for it! that said,  i did cut the sugar content in the original recipe to “1 cup light brown sugar; 1/2 cup granulated sugar”, but would actually reduce it further to this configuration (3/4 cup light brown sugar; 1/2 cup granulated white sugar) if i were to bake it again.

it’s still not the oatmeal cookie i remember from my youth…but getting pretty ‘darn close! the hunt continues . . .

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