week 22 & 23: the adventures of harry the puppy

we picked up a box of these x shaped dental chews for dogs at costco over the weekend.  they’re chicken flavoured and filled with vitamins and nutrients like glucosamine that are good for dogs.  unlike his previous dental bones, the x shape prevents dogs from immediately swallowing the item.  harry usually consumes his greenies in about 3 minutes.  some of these x-shaped bones have lasted a few days.

i tied harry to a kitchen step-stoo,l so that he wouldn’t cause ruckus when i stepped out of the room.  when i got back, i found him awkwardly positioned with his front paws on the top step, busily chewing on his x shaped dental chew.  thinking that he had gotten himself tangled, i moved him to the floor again.  and a few moments later, i found him back with his front paws on the step stool.  i think he was having such a tough time getting a firm grip on the dental chew, that he used the rubber matting on the step stool for a better grip!


2 responses to “week 22 & 23: the adventures of harry the puppy

  1. Ha! He is clever! Love the shape of those chews. Don’t you love costco? I was *so* happy when it opened it east harlem–much more convenient than Brooklyn or Queens!

    • tomatointribeca

      i’ve never been up to the costco in harlem! we usually go to the costco on the jersey side….so much less crowded!

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