pastry in the marais

i met up with G in paris a few weeks back, and he took me pastry hopping in the marais.  we had brunch at rose bakery (more on that later), picked up some sweets at pain de sucre, oggled at the window of popelini (which makes the most gorgeous cream puffs), and even spotted a new poilane / bar de cuisine outpost in the area!  plus jacques genin’s chocolate shop and dessert lounge is just around the corner. the marais really is shaping up to be its own pastry principality!

i admit to going a bit “gaga” inside of pain de sucre.  it was my first time there and i spent so much time ooo-ing and ahhing their pastry creations that i didn’t snap nearly enough pictures.  the selection is wide considering the size of the store.  they’ve got these breads stuffed with vegetables, cheese, etc….loads of gorgeous tarts…candies, cookies (i picked up a box of rosemary butter cookies that are divine), croissants, loaves of breads and croissant, fancy cakes and the cutest caterpillar shaped cake as well! how fun!

Pain de Sucre
14 Rue Rambuteau
750003 Paris
Open 10a-8p; closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Poilane / Bar De Cuisine
38 Rue Debelleyme
750003 Paris
Open 7:15a – 8:15p; closed Monday

29 Rue Debelleyme
750003 Paris
Open 11a – 7:30p; closed Monday


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