miss gla’gla

pierre herme has opened up yet another boutique on the right bank in paris. this one is located on avenue de l’opera in the 2nd arrondisement. it’s a relatively huuuuge store, although the offering appears to be limited to macarons, chocolates, pre-packaged cookies and frozen treats.  alas, one still has to trek to rue bonaparte for the croissants and cakes.

i popped in a month ago or so…being drawn like a moth to its miss gla gla sign-post.   miss gla’gla is a rectangular log of exotic ice cream & sorbet sandwich between two rectangular macaron shells.  it comes in 7 different flavour combinations: ispahan, celeste, mosaic, satine (which is the one i tried. the flavors are passion fruit, cream cheese and orange), caramel, chocolat, and montebello.

it’s delicious and exquisitely flavoured in that way only ph can achieve.  that said, i wish that miss gla’gla came bite-size — like one of the small macarons.  (that’s hubs’ thumb in the upper right hand corner of the picture). still it’s pretty spectacular and the packaging is shiny and sleek!


3 responses to “miss gla’gla

  1. Thank god for ph and yay for another store! Miss gla’gla looks like the perfect summer treat if you ask me…although I was thinking the same thing–the size looks a bit large for “snack”….i bet looking at those glorious colors and flavor combinations was divine! 🙂

  2. will he ever come here like laduree? flying to paris for a fix is too much for one’s wallet

  3. tomatointribeca

    i’m a bit torn on the issue! i think if ph were to come to the us, i’d be broke from (a) buying macarons all the time and (b) needing to acquire a new wardrobe !

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