week 21: the adventures of harry the puppy

so the other day, we got harry one of these smart puzzle toys for dogs. we were told that his nuisance barking might be related to boredom.  (we also got an ultrasonic anti-barking device while we’re at it — yes, raising a dog in a NYC apt is a bit tricker than the country-side).

we met a really helpful petco employee who whole-heartedly recommended the toy that we got him.  apparently, his dog is entertained by it for hours — or at least that’s how long it takes his dog to find the treat.

the toy itself is basically a disc. the dog needs to remove the yellow cups in order to (1) access the treat if you choose to hide it directly under the cup, and (2) spin the top of the disc, where more treats can be hidden.  it won’t spin unless all 4 yellow cups are removed.

now the first time we gave harry the puzzle toy, he couldn’t figure it out and got really frustrated that he started to bark at me.  after i showed him that there were treats under the yellow cups, he figured it out — got really excited, started to attack the thing with his paws, and cracked the puzzle in about 15 minutes.   now he’s got it down in about 7 minutes flat.  he’s also quite fond of taking the disc, and watching it slide across the floor between his 2 hind legs.  don’t ask me why, but i end up having the retrieve the disc from under the bookshelf every few minutes or so.

now i just need to find a super genius dog level puzzle that will actually keep him entertained for hours . . . and which doesn’t make a huge clanging sound every time it goes woooosh across my floors.


2 responses to “week 21: the adventures of harry the puppy

  1. Love the puzzle toy! What a great idea….too cute that he was barking at you out of frustration until he figured it out — ha! Have you ever made him home-made dog treats? He is getting big!! 🙂

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