shake shack tribeca / bpc now open!

so i snapped these pictures 3 days ago, and since then, the shake shack near my neighborhood has finally opened! i’m glad i no longer have to trek up to madison square park to get my burger, milk shake and french fries fix.  hurrah!

Shake Shack BPC / Tribeca
215 Murray Street (between West Street & North End Avenue) — basically it’s at the foot of the movie theater complex, right behind Goldman Sachs HQ.
Daily 11am-11pm


2 responses to “shake shack tribeca / bpc now open!

  1. Yay!!! I ♥ Shake Shack!!! What a good location they picked! That is so great, no more schleps to Madison Square Park! I had started going to the UWS location as it was easier for me to go cross town, although the lines were still pretty long. Let us know how the lines/wait times are! So happy for you!! Wish I could have this for lunch today! 🙂

    • tomatointribeca

      i know, right? i walked by yesterday and the line was 40 people deep. spoke to a neighbour who said she only waited 5 minutes, but then, she had gone at 3pm.

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