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week 17: the adventures of harry the puppy

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tart a-palooza

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week 16: the adventures of harry the puppy

hubs and i have been making a few observations about how harry sleeps.  when he’s really tired, he looks like the picture above. Continue reading

chinese cucumber salad

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week 15: the adventures of harry the puppy

he’s baaaaaaaaaack! and taking a nap with his favorite toy, allie the alligator.  the ‘lil pork chop now weighs in at 10.7 lbs!

pineapple tart bars

there’s a very famous taiwanese pastry known as feng li su (鳳梨酥).  it’s basically a shortcake like dough that’s stuffed with a pineapple paste.  the traditional way of making these taiwanese goodies, entails making a lard based dough, rolling it into 3″ diameter circles, stuffing it with pineapple paste, wrapping it up, and then fitting the little package into a 1.5″ square mold so that each one comes out uniform. Continue reading

week 14: the adventures of harry the puppy

what’s black, white and more slippery than a wet seal?  harry the puppy has absconded with my slippers and wandered his way back onto the blog.

took us a while to capture the ‘lil thief, who weighed 9.25 lbs at the end of week 14.

shake shack tribeca / bpc now open!

so i snapped these pictures 3 days ago, and since then, the shake shack near my neighborhood has finally opened! i’m glad i no longer have to trek up to madison square park to get my burger, milk shake and french fries fix.  hurrah!

Shake Shack BPC / Tribeca
215 Murray Street (between West Street & North End Avenue) — basically it’s at the foot of the movie theater complex, right behind Goldman Sachs HQ.
Daily 11am-11pm