le timbre in paris

one of our recent finds in paris is le timbre, a postage stamp-sized (and so, eponymously named) bistro manned by english chef, chris wright.

the food at the restaurant is fantastic — described as classic french cooking with an english twist. for example, chef serves his terrine (which was excellent, upper right hand corner) with english chutney and gerkins on the side. for a starter, we i ordered white asparagus in a pesto sauce.  for mains, hubs selected slow roasted and seared beef cheeks (lower right), and i got the roasted lamb with stuffed peppers.  everything we ate was expertly prepared with the flavours hitting all the right notes.  there’s nothing fussy or exotic here.  here’s someone doing the basics and hitting it out of the ballpark.

the desserts followed the theme of things done well without a lot of fuss.  we had  quenelles of chocolate mousse cream with hazelnut sauce and a peach crumble.  0ur 3-course meal came to around €30-€35 per person (wine not included).

in addition to the food, hubs and i were greatly amused watching chef wright operate the restaurant. it’s almost a one-man show with chef wright answering the phones, explaining the menu some of the time, doing the cooking, and serving plates as well.  he’s got a waitress that helps out front of house, and an assistant washing dishes in the kitchen. the restaurant miraculously seats about 12, all squarely tucked in, and runs we imagine, as if directed by a swiss watchmaker.

the restaurant is located right off boulevard montparnasse, about a 15 minute walk from the center of saint-germain.  that said,  it’s easy to miss the turn, so take a map with clear instructions.

Le Timbre
3 Rue Sainte-Beuve
75006 Paris, France
01 45 49 10 40
Tue-Sat 12pm-2pm, 7:30pm-10:30pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays


2 responses to “le timbre in paris

  1. What a gem!! I love these little finds, and often the one-man-shows are stellar. Couldn’t agree more–if someone masters the “basics”… that says alot. Also, your new camera is serving you very well–the photos are terrific…hope you have been enjoying it! I am definitely emailing you before my next trip to Paris! 🙂

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