jacques genin in paris

jacques genin has been whispered as the greatest chocolatier in paris, and has for years supplied 3 star michelin restaurants with chocolates on a strictly need to know basis.   he opened up a retail shop in 2008 not too far from place de vosges, but a bit of a hike away from confectionery ground zero in saint-germain.  yes, it’s taken me 3 years since his opening to make my way there.

is it worth the hike?  YES! everything sold in the shop is made in the kitchen overhead.  you can hear the pastry chefs working away, and you can catch whiff of the butter browning in the oven.

the shop primarily sells chocolates, caramels (divine and unlike any i’ve eaten — must be consumed within 2 days), and those pates de fruits that hubby loves.  if you’re impish like me, the shopkeepers will generously give out samples of the pates de fruits.   i don’t usually like pates de fruits, but these are pretty amazing.  the sugar coating is light, the fruit flavours intense, and there is a very obvious freshness that can be tasted.

they had just started to put out the tarts and eclairs when we arrived  (at 11am).  we had lunch reservations nearby; otherwise, i would have sat in the cafe area and enjoyed myself some afternoon pastry & tea.

that said, i absconded with a little bag of caramel, a box of pate de fruits, and an even larger box of his exquisite chocolates with flavours that sing. sadly, hubs and i are just about done with our stash!

La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin
133, rue de Turenne
Tues-Sun: 11a-7p
(33-1) 45-77-29-01


3 responses to “jacques genin in paris

  1. Tears. I have no words for this incredible post. will certainly make my way there next time I’m there. Wow . Double wow.

  2. tomatointribeca

    freshness, it’s all about freshness there! the caramels are ooey and soft, rather than rock hard. yum!

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