Monthly Archives: May 2011

instant coffee cookies

have you ever wandered the aisles of whole foods looking for something to snack on without much luck?  well, i was in the mood for a petite, sable-like cookie the other week and couldn’t find a darn thing to satisfy the craving.

over the weekend, i decided to bake up small batch so that i could happily nibble when the craving struck again, or when i needed a caffeine jolt. Continue reading

the adventures of harry the puppy at 13 weeks

he’s back!  harry at 13 weeks, weighing in at 8.5 lbs, and learning to fly!

pineapple upside-down cake

you could say that i woke up one morning and tasted pineapple on the tip of my tongue–although, if you get right down to it, i think my taste buds are longing for the superb roasted pineapple at heston blumenthal’s dinner.  i have yet to track down his roasted pineapple and tipsy cake recipe, but until i do, you’ll be seeing a series of pineapple treats in the forthcoming days. Continue reading

le timbre in paris

one of our recent finds in paris is le timbre, a postage stamp-sized (and so, eponymously named) bistro manned by english chef, chris wright.

Continue reading

a puppy & valencia luncheria

hubs and i drove up to connecticut this weekend to pick-up harry, our new puppy! he’s a black & white tibetan terrier, who at 3 months is weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs 14 oz.  he’ll be making future guest appearances on the blog. . . well, that is until he learns to write his own!

on our way up to the breeder, hubs and i made a pit-stop in norwalk, where we ate at valencia luncheria, Continue reading

jacques genin in paris

jacques genin has been whispered as the greatest chocolatier in paris, and has for years supplied 3 star michelin restaurants with chocolates on a strictly need to know basis.   he opened up a retail shop in 2008 not too far from place de vosges, but a bit of a hike away from confectionery ground zero in saint-germain.  yes, it’s taken me 3 years since his opening to make my way there.

is it worth the hike?  YES! everything sold in the shop is made in the kitchen Continue reading

jury duty & honey black sesame bread

after magically managing to escape jury duty for most of my adult life, my number was finally up.  slated to report to the center street court house this monday, i started feeling a bit anxious on sunday morning. and when i’m anxious, i bake.

a while back, i attempted to make the japanese double soft bread (ダ○ルソフト), and it came out lopsided. i decided to give it ago a second time, with some last minute modifications, of course.  Continue reading

dipping a toe into the dutch, nyc

i have this friend, S, who has been a partner in crime along many of my eating misadventures in nyc.  in the past several months we’ve had enough mediocre or even sub-par experiences at new restaurants that well, i think he’s lost the grit to venture into the unknown.  he’s developed a new mantra about waiting at least 2 months for new restaurants to work out their kinks, for the staff to learn the ropes, and for all the critics, professional and amateur alike, to throw their 2¢ in.

sometimes, however, it’s worth taking the risk. and for me, there’s nothing more exciting than trying something new and finding gold! Continue reading