doughnut plant, nyc

you have to have a serious sweet tooth and a lot of patience to visit doughnut plant in the lower east side.

on one of those rare spring-like weekends this past march, hubs and i decided to wander over to the doughnut plant in the lower east side.  we waited online for a good hour before we got the chance to place our order up at the counter.  (don’t let the line outside of the store deceive you. it snakes around a bit more inside the store).  sometimes the door to the kitchen swings open, and you can peek  at the inner workings of a doughnut plant. i mostly saw a rather large mess (which didn’t inspire much confidence in the sanitation conditions in which the doughnuts are made. but hey, everything here gets fried or doused in sugar, thereby killing any bacteria that might lurk).

the counter is manned by one staff member — which explains part of the wait. plus, they’ve got so many tempting flavours, that one stands there befuddled for a moment or two as to what to pick.

i really wanted a vanilla glazed doughnut and a tres leches, but they were out and the next batch wouldn’t be available for another hour. ugh!  so i got a creme brulee doughnut and an organic orange yeast doughnut, stuffed nicely into a brown paper bag.

squeezed my way out of the store, and took a bite out of the creme brulee doughnut….with all the creme anglaise goodness seeping out.

wow…that was sweet!

is it better than the average doughnut? most definitely and the flavours are wonderfully inventive!

would i wait an hour again? probably not.  i love doughnuts, but finding doughnuts that aren’t overly sweet (like these and so many others) is not an easy feat.

Doughtnut Plant
379 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002
Tue-Sun: 6:30 am – 6:30 pm


3 responses to “doughnut plant, nyc

  1. baggedemotions

    Way too much sugar…I’m happy with my Kristy Kreme donut which I only eat like every few years or so…the shop is far away.

  2. I agree…I like doughnut plant but would not wait for them. Some are great – some are just ok. The size and some of the flavors are wonderfully unique. I would pop down early during the week, so never had to wait. Also, the local coffee shop on my block started carrying a few of them (delivered fresh every morning)…so it would save me a trip. To me, the best donut in the city is at Bouchon Bakery. They only have them on sat/sun. He did a boston creme donut with small malted milk balls a few years ago that spoiled me forever! Great post!

  3. tomatointribeca

    agreed! my friend c first introduced me to bouchon’s doughnut when it opened 5 years ago or so. 100% yummy! Falai in soho makes these italian doughnut type things called bombolini’s that are also really amazing. once in a while, you can get one when they’re hot…and hot donuts pretty much takes the cake for me!

    baggedemotions: hello! i will only eat a krispy kreme glazed donut when it’s warm. and even then, it’s way too sweet after 1/2 a bite.

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