ruby et violette’s chocolate chip cookies

a few weeks back, hubs and i found ourselves wandering around in the streets  of nyc with nothing to do!  quite the luxury these days.  we were in the vicinity of the newly renovated limelight boutiques and decided to finally go inside for a peek.  the notorious club has become fully transformed into a warren of accessory, gift and food shops.  we tunneled around for a bit and just as we were about to leave, spied the sign for ruby et violette’s gourmet cookie shop on the 2nd level.  i had always wanted to try their cookies, and here an opportunity had presented itself.

they had about 15 cookie choices to choose from at the counter (a mix of some classics and a seasonal variety), plus several flavours of ice cream and a few drinks. we selected two cookies each: perfect (which is their classic chocolate chunk cookie), malted milk chocolate, oatmeal raisin and espresso bean.   i decided that their malted milk cookie is my favorite combination — and yes, i’m working on coming up with a recipe for that flavour.   at $2.50 each, ruby et violette’s cookies are exactly cheap, but they are extremely well-executed and presented.  in fact, when i stood before the bar, i kept thinking that their cookie flavour offering and presentation reminded me a bit of how the french sell their high end macarons.  they’ve got a ton of flavours — many of which are just as inventive and exotic as what you would find in that famous saint-germain macaron shop i obsess about…

i picked up one of their pamphlets and here’s their vast sea of cookie flavours!

Lemon White Green Tea Wild Berry
Oatmeal Raisin Violet Black Russian
Champagne Strawberry Butterscotch Crème de Menthe
Perfect Caramel Rum Raisin
Candy Jar Apple Pie Malted Milk
Root Beer Float Black Forest Sour Cherry
Maple Walnut Carrot Cake Banana Walnut
Peanut Butter Chip Dried  Blueberry Chocolate Biscotti
Espresso Bean Oatmeal Cranberry Perfectly Pecan
Cool Black Irish Rose
Creamy Coffee Cognac Spiced Oatmeal
Exotic Dulce de Leche Crème brulee
First Kiss Kir Royal Passion Fruit
Geisha Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pineapple
Primal PB&J Mimosa
Rocky S’mores Mai Tai
Smooth Honey Roasted Pecan Pina Colada
Sweet Monday Night Football Jasmine
Completely Coconut Pistachio Marshmallow
Mom ‘n’ Pop Toffee Roasted Almond Oatmeal Butterscotch
Caramel Nougat Cardamom German Chocolate Cake
Bananas Foster Cinnamon Spice Peach Cobbler
Key Lime Mint Cassis
Tiramisu Yogurt Dried Strawberry
Dried Cherry Fig Raspberry
Orange White Egg Nog White Irish
Super Strawberry Red Hot Cinnamon White & Semi
Amaretto Chestnut Berry Blueberry
Mojito Cranberry Walnut Caramel Popcorn
White Russian Gingerbread It’s Outta Here!
Creamsicle Pumpkin Black Walnut
Mint Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Butter Pecan
Hiker Darn Good!! Praline
Peanut Brittle Stuck on You French Vanilla
Pralines ‘n’ Cream Toasted Coconut Lavender
Crystallized Ginger Red Velvet Peppermint Chip

after finishing the four cookies i purchased from the shop, i had a hankering for more…after a bit of searching, i came across their pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe.  i stripped out the pumpkin related stuff and ended up with a cookie that was pretty darn close to what i had in the store. . . basically, a really great tasting classic chocolate chip cookie, not too sweet, a bit molasses-y and with the right amount of chewiness.

Ruby Et Violette’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
(adapted from their pumpkin spice cookie recipe posted here.  strip out the pumpkiny stuff, up the chunks and you have the quintessential chocolate chip cookie.  makes about 80 one-inch sized cookies. )

Butter 2 sticks, room temp
Flour 2 cups
Dark brown sugar 1 cup
Sugar ½ cup
Eggs 2 large ones
Vanilla extract 1 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Baking soda ¾ tsp
Chocolate chunks or chips 4 cups
  1. In the bowl of your standmixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together butter, brown sugar and sugar.
  2. Add in eggs and vanilla extract. Mix until well combined.
  3. Pour in flour, salt and baking sold.  Mix until just combined.
  4. Then add in chocolate chunks and mix until distributed.
  5. Cover the dough with plastic and let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.  (Or if you prefer, form the dough into a log, then wrap in plastic.  the next day, you can just slice the log into cookies and bake. i did a bit of both.  the cookies in the picture are formed from the log.)
  6. The next day, use a small ice cream scooper to drop the dough onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
  7. Bake for 12 minutes or until edges are golden brown at 350ºF.

Ruby et Violette @ Limelight
656 Avenue of the Americas (between 20th and 21st)
NY, New York
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-8pm


4 responses to “ruby et violette’s chocolate chip cookies

  1. Wow! I have never tried a Ruby & Violette cookie! Thanks for the report…that flavor selection is amazing….truly. I am definitely going to try these, yours look perfect. Are you a fan of the City Bakery CCC? Not too far from there.

  2. tomatointribeca

    Yes! love city bakery. i used to the biggest fan of their molten chocolate cookies, but then switched to these smaller chocolate sable type cookies that they make. i find their cookies to be chunkier than the ones turned out by Ruby & Violette. Suppose it has to do with what kind of cookie mood you are in!

  3. Gotcha…the Ruby& Violette seem more delicate than CB – a different cookie all together. I used to work very close to City Bakery….so I ate those CCC like they were going out of style!

  4. tomatointribeca

    CB is everywhere now! they’ve opened little kiosks and branch shops all over manhattan!

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