Monthly Archives: April 2011

doughnut plant, nyc

you have to have a serious sweet tooth and a lot of patience to visit doughnut plant in the lower east side. Continue reading

honey chocolate chip banana cake

 holy cow! bananas were going for 19¢/lb at the store. i didn’t know quite what i would do with them when i bought them, but it didn’t take long before they worked themselves into banana cake.  i know, not the most creative thing to do with bananas, but sometimes oldies are goodies.  and, this banana cake is quite good.  i think it’s the honey that makes all the difference. Continue reading

heston blumenthal’s dinner

ever since i got my hands on heston blumenthal’s cookbook (the fat duck cookbook), i’ve wanted to eat at one of his restaurants.  (the book itself is amazing and to date, the most spectacular cookbook i’ve ever read cover to cover.  in addition to his exacting  and beautifully photographed recipes, he’s got a brilliantly illustrated section on his biography and then another hefty section about the science of food. it’s a book which i think very well communicates the mind of the man.  whenever i find myself in conversation with someone else about cookbooks, this is the one that i always recommend. )

digression aside, about a month ago, i found myself in london with some spare time.  so, i rung up heston’s latest restaurant, dinner by heston blumenthal, located inside the newly renovated mandarin oriental hotel in knightsbridge, and managed to get a table for a late lunch.  i had a very lovely seat with a rainy but green view of hyde park. Continue reading

grape jam rugelach with pecans and chocolate chips

i never realised how good rugelach can be until i bought an individual one for 90¢ at sarabeth’s bakery inside of chelsea market one weekend.  Continue reading

ruby et violette’s chocolate chip cookies

a few weeks back, hubs and i found ourselves wandering around in the streets  of nyc with nothing to do!  quite the luxury these days.  we were in the vicinity of the newly renovated limelight boutiques and decided to finally go inside for a peek.  the notorious club has become fully transformed into a warren of accessory, gift and food shops.  we tunneled around for a bit and just as we were about to leave, spied the sign for ruby et violette’s gourmet cookie shop on the 2nd level.  i had always wanted to try their cookies, and here an opportunity had presented itself. Continue reading

whole grain grape jam yogurt cake

i tend to bake yogurt cakes two at a time.  they need to bake for about 1 hour in the oven, so i figure, i better make good use of the energy by filling the oven up as much as i can.  now this whole grain grape jam yogurt cake came about because i, uh, ran out of all sorts of things while whipping up the batter.  i came up short of AP flour and substituted with whole grain. lacking an additional 1/2 cup of sugar, i used homemade grape jam baked right into the batter to make up the difference.  fortunately, yogurt cakes are one of the more forgiving cakes out there, and with a little luck, it  came out allright! Continue reading

dallying in deauville

the other half of our 2010 christmas adventure spectacular involved driving from paris up to rouen, then passing thru deauville before settling into caen.  the next day we would venture down to mont saint michel, back to caen for the d-day memorial and bayeux tapestry. Continue reading