augustiner bräu münchen

writing about augustiner brau munchen, a restaurant where Y, hubs and i defrosted after a 3 hour walking tour in sub-zero temperatures in berlin, is no doubt like writing about a visit to harley davidson cafe, or heartland brewery in nyc (which has nicely blossomed into a 7 location chain).

but you know what? we were suffering from minor frost bite; it was close by; it was open on the day after christmas; and most importantly, the food was actually quite good.  they serve heaping plates of hearty bavarian food — perfect for first time visitors to germany.  i’ve never really had classic german cuisine before, and this was a good place to gain a reference point.

Y and hubs got tall glasses of beer — augustiner is the oldest brewery in munich afterall, it’s been around since 1328. we ordered a few appetizers and then two really classic bavarian dishes: a beef schnitzel of some sort in an intense wine/onion reduction and a crispy pork knuckle with sauerkraut (yes, deadly! and how could it possibly taste bad?)

And for dessert, we capped off our artery clogging meal with a warm apple streudel.  Yum!

Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt
Charlottenstraße 55
10117 Berlin
Tel: 030 20 45 40 20
Daily: 10am-1am


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