philly: jim’s cheesesteak

hubs and i made a quick drive down to philly to attend a wedding a few weekends ago.  before we left philly, we made a quick pit-stop at jim’s steaks on south street to gobble down a real deal philly cheesesteak.

jim’s drizzles their american whiz cheese underneath the beef rather than on top, which is just as well as it allows us to squirt plentiful globs of that guilty pleasure known as ketchup on top!

the crew has got the cheesesteak making art down.  you go, you order, you get your steak in about 45 seconds.   they did, however, give me a weird look when i ordered a mushroom cheesesteak without any cheese (yes, yes, i know), but hubs’s steak (pictured above) did come with the cheese.  he says it changes the texture of the steak entirely, making it even more ooey and gooey.

they’ve got pictures and signatures of celebrities that have visited during the joint’s 70 year history.  i spied denzel washington’s note, along with billy joel’s.

and yes, i ate the entire footlong cheesesteak in only 15 minutes! before zipping back to nyc in a bit more time.

Jim’s Steaks
400 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Mon-Thu: 10a-1a
Fri-Sat: 10a-3a


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