Monthly Archives: March 2011

augustiner bräu münchen

writing about augustiner brau munchen, a restaurant where Y, hubs and i defrosted after a 3 hour walking tour in sub-zero temperatures in berlin, is no doubt like writing about a visit to harley davidson cafe, or heartland brewery in nyc (which has nicely blossomed into a 7 location chain). Continue reading

chocolate and strawberry yogurt cake

i realised the other day as i whipped up some yogurt cakes, that i had yet to bake up a chocolate yogurt cake.  plus, i had a box of macerated strawberries lying about…and so the chocolate strawberry yogurt cake came about. Continue reading

caramel double apple bundt cake

i had never heard of apple butter prior to flipping through dorie greenspan’s cookbooks.  it’s mentioned in several of her recipes.  so imagine my delight when my good friend E sent me a box of assorted jams and jellies, including a jar of apple butter from McCutcheon’s. Continue reading

kerry apple yogurt cake

yogurt cakes are back, and right in time for st. patty’s day!  i came across the kerry apple cake, as i researched irish desserts for st. patrick’s day.  being short on butter, i decided to make the kerry apple cake while using the yogurt cake as a base. Continue reading

philly: jim’s cheesesteak

hubs and i made a quick drive down to philly to attend a wedding a few weekends ago.  before we left philly, we made a quick pit-stop at jim’s steaks on south street to gobble down a real deal philly cheesesteak. Continue reading

lemon cream stuffed puffs

remember that quart of lemon cream i made but which didn’t work so well sandwiched in between two tea cookies? well . . . i decided to get out my piping bags and stuff it into some pâte à choux (or choux dough) puffs.  it’s still ooey and gooey once you bite into it, but it does stay quite a better in its enclosed cream puff receptacle.

some science 1st:  while some doughs get their rise from the action of yeast fermentation or baking powder, choux dough rises from steam.  the water content of the dough is quite high, and as it bakes away, the water in the dough steams out, causing the dough rise into light airy puffs.   (this also means that one should stand to the side upon opening the oven; otherwise, you’ll be greeted with a rather hot squirt of steam). Continue reading

nyc battle of the ramen – pt. 1

last weekend, hubs and i found ourselves with a hankering for ramen.  we found ourselves at minca on friday evening, and then at ippudo for brunch the next day.  i guess you could say it was an opportunity to host our private “battle of the ramen” culinary event.  Continue reading

arnold palmer cookie sandwich v. 1.0

every once in a while…i get an idea.  this time around, it was the arnold palmer cookie, as inspired by the eponymously named drink. Continue reading

kyo ya: kyoto wunderground

you could say that i was doubly excited on last friday evening.  my new canon powershot s95 had arrived with promises of excellent low light capability in a pocket sized package, and i had reservations at kyo ya — one of my favorite japanese restaurants in nyc, where i could partake in and properly document a sublime eating experience.

i’ve been to kyo ya three times now — once to partake in the full-blown kaiseki tasting menu experience, and a la carte the other two times.  i’ve always been impressed with their meticulous preparation of food (cf. exquisitely prepared kyo ya salad in the picture above), unique presentation and impeccable service — the staff is so nice and polite, and they really do seem to anticipate your needs before you ask. Continue reading

isn’t it dreamy?

the official first day of spring is only 18 days away, but until then, i’m going to stare at l’olivier’s romantic bouquet as i begin counting down . . .