vox in berlin

i know, i know . . . it’s february, almost march, and i’m just getting around to writing about our christmas day dinner at vox in berlin.  hubs and i were in berlin over the holidays, and it wasn’t that easy to find a good restaurant on christmas day.  fortunately for us, vox, located inside the grand hyatt, was fully operational, and reservations are accepted online over opentable germany.we walked over to vox from our hotel. it was supposed to be a a 10 minute walk, but between the snow, and being unable to locate marlene-dietrich-platz through all the christmas fair conviviality, it took us a good 40 minutes to find our way to the grand hyatt.  fortunately, they still honoured our reservation.  the restaurant was at maybe 65% occupancy — i suppose most people were snuggled up at home for christmas, rather than venturing out into christmas fair land.

prior to making a reservation at vox, a friend of mine had mentioned it as an exemplar of nouveau german cooking.  of course, not having much exposure to german food in general, i had no idea what that meant.  the restaurant itself features a gorgeous open kitchen.  almost all the tables in the house have a view of the kitchen.  that said, vox also contains a sushi bar.  (i know, i started seriously doubting my choice after i saw the sushi bar; it reminded me of one of those utterly forgettable mish-mash restaurants serving sub-par multi-ethnic cuisines that one stumbles upon every once in a while whether in NYC or the middle of the country).   after our appetizers arrived, i recall remarking to myself that nouveau German cooking, seemed to mean something that one might find at a 3-4 star nytimes rated restaurant.  And, there were certainly some spice pairings that seemed uniquely german — like my lobster appetizer with a curry sauce (kind of like a high-end lobster currywurst?)  or the hunk of venison (below) i ate, which was served over a bed of sweetly braised cabbage (a haute sauerkraut?)

maybe because vox also functions as a hotel restaurant, there are some decidedly international items on the menu.  hubs decided to go “italian,” ordering a beautifully composed caesar salad (not pictured) and a bowl of asparagus risotto laden generously with truffles.

i confess that i still don’t have a good grasp of what nouveau German cuisine is.  but, i can say that the food at vox is a delicious and delightful experience, especially in the middle of winter — well-worth the freezing trek through the snow.

Vox, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2, 10785 (located inside the Grand Hyatt)
Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 2553 1772

One response to “vox in berlin

  1. Wow. That lobster currywurst (ha!) has my name written all over it. Looks sublime. What a wonderful dinner and review! Funny, this is the second post I have seen on Grand Hyatt in Berlin this month..the Wednesday Chef recently posted on the hamburger at the Grand Hyatt. I’ll take yours over that anyday!

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