cny fest at canton gourmet

canton gourmet in flushing, queens is my dad’s favorite cantonese restaurant — it’s tasty, affordable and quite clean.  since it opened a few years ago, my family and i have been heading over there every few months or so for lunch.  we don’t bother to look at the menu, in part because we know what to order, but mostly because their best dishes are hung in the form of giant posters on all of their walls.  sometimes, i’ll just walk around the restaurant to figure out what to eat. coming out from a series of disappointing eating experiences in nyc chinatown, my friend G has all been given up on finding a decent cantonese food joint in the ny area.  there used to be a few, but sadly, a lot have either closed down and/or changed chefs.

the past weekend, i dragged G and a few other friends out to flushing, so that we could have a mini-chinese new year celebration over lunch.  there were six of us in total (2 of whom grew up in hong kong).  we ordered 7 dishes and a soup.  i was surprised at how efficiently we took down the food.  G liked the experience so much, that he ended up getting take-out for the road.

so there you go…canton gourmet…a solid cantonese eating experience in flushing (just a 20 minute drive from manhattan).

what we ordered (no special cny signifiers, just stuff that we thought were tasty): (the soup pictured above is a fish maw and crab soup)

claypot casserole of eggplant, chicken and salted fish (茄子鸡粒咸鱼煲)(picture not on wall)

their famous crispy garlic chicken (蒜香鸡).  this dish has been written up in the gothamist and a few other publications.

stir fry with conch, squid, shrimp, lotus root, snow peas, and asparagus (特色小炒). they do something to the squid that makes it taste extra tasty — kinda like the roasted squid in japan filled with umami flavors.

snow pea shoots braised in chicken broth and salted egg.  (三色上汤豆苗 — don’t recall if this was the actual name, but something like that).

peking pork chops (京都排骨).  their version is quite well executed. the meat is tender and they don’t use super fatty pieces.

steamed minced pork cake with salted fish (咸鱼蒸肉饼).  this one is a bit of an acquired taste.  they do theirs really well.  (picture not on wall)

golden egg fried rice.  one of the best fried rice variations i’ve tried.  they separate the eggs and the yolks when making this dish.  the chinese name is some variation of 本楼金银炒饭, which translates to house special gold (for the yolks) and silver (for the whites) fried rice.

Canton Gourmet (避风塘)
38-08 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 886-9288

2 responses to “cny fest at canton gourmet

  1. There is nothing more wonderful than going to a restaurant and ordering without having to look at the menu. That tells me right away what a special place it is. Love that they hang their best dishes as posters- how fun. The stir fry with conch, squid & shrimp looks heavenly. What a great Chinese New Year celebration!

  2. yum! that does look delicious.

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