Monthly Archives: February 2011

martha’s zucchini pecan cookies

i am a sucker for a “vegetable cookie” — or rather any cookie that incorporates vegetables in it.  i think it’s because i can justify its consumption as being “healthy” in the sense that i’m getting a dose of veggies, alongside a whole lot of sugar and butter of course!

so lo and behold, when i flipped to the last page of the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine issue (March 2011), there it was a recipe for zucchini nut bread cookie sandwiches! Continue reading

vox in berlin

i know, i know . . . it’s february, almost march, and i’m just getting around to writing about our christmas day dinner at vox in berlin.  hubs and i were in berlin over the holidays, and it wasn’t that easy to find a good restaurant on christmas day.  fortunately for us, vox, located inside the grand hyatt, was fully operational, and reservations are accepted online over opentable germany. Continue reading

compose: a gastronomic marathon

remember compose restaurant? you know, the place where i  first met the lebne tart?  well hubs and i were so impressed with out experience with their bar menu that we went back to the restaurant earlier this week to partake in its 10 course tasting menu. let me just say that the experience did not disappoint!  however, i’d caution anyone contemplating the experience to budget at least 4 hours for the experience. hubs and i got to the restaurant for a 7pm seating and did not leave until 11pm. moreover, while we made it to the very end of the menu, we actually ended up skipping out on the freebie 3rd dessert that the chef was in the process of preparing (i think we probably mortally offended the chef but one of us needed to get up 3 hours later, plus we just didn’t have the endurance to go on).   i don’t think we were alone in that sentiment.  our fellow diners started to get up, walk around, stretch themselves out about 2 hours into the meal.

now that i’ve gotten that out of the way, let me also caveat that the pictures i took of the dishes really don’t do them any justice.  (rather than lug my DSLR to the restaurant, i decided to bring my point and shoot.  i’ve tried to clean them up the best i could but well, still not the same as the DSLR. sorry!)  Continue reading

rustic oreos

you know the story.  you want to make X but then you suddenly discover that you’ve run out of Y and you substitute a few things, and you end up with Z.  or at least, that’s what happened to me this past weekend.  i tried to make whoopie pie but i ran out of buttermilk, substituted with some leftover lebne, and ended up making rustic oreos.  my taste testers told me that loved my little oops!, so i suppose it was a fortuitous mistake after all. Continue reading

cny fest at canton gourmet

canton gourmet in flushing, queens is my dad’s favorite cantonese restaurant — it’s tasty, affordable and quite clean.  since it opened a few years ago, my family and i have been heading over there every few months or so for lunch.  we don’t bother to look at the menu, in part because we know what to order, but mostly because their best dishes are hung in the form of giant posters on all of their walls.  sometimes, i’ll just walk around the restaurant to figure out what to eat. Continue reading

lebne yogurt tart encounter

a few days into the new year, hubs and i wandered over to compose restaurant  (opened by a noma alum) in tribeca to check-out its bar menu.  to say that we were delightfully surprised would be an understatement.  we enjoyed our experience at the bar so much, that we made a reservation at the end of our meal to have the full ten-course experience in mid-february.  the much anticipated meal is finally coming up next week, and i’ll give a full download on the restaurant then.

i mention compose because it was there, where i first encountered the incomparable lebne tart. the barman explained to us that lebne is a type of middle eastern yogurt.   with the help of some light googling, i later learned that lebne goes by many names throughout the middle east and mediterranean region.  it is sometimes spelled lebni or labneh or laban or kefir cheese.  i don’t yet know what the regional differences are beyond the nomenclature.  the stuff itself has the consistency of sour cream or a strained greek yogurt — in fact, if you can’t find lebne in your supermarket, you can just buy greek yogurt, and let it strain overnight. Continue reading

a visit to l’atelier de joel robuchon

years ago, G, hubs and i wandered over to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in midtown during its first opening week.  they hadn’t as yet gotten their act together, and the evening ended up being a bit of a disappointment.  (i’m told by foodie friend M that the NYC branch has since ironed out the opening jitters and ranks among his favorite eateries in the City).

now in the last few years, it seems as if every food tv show doing a special paris  food scene segment includes a visit to the original L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon on rue de montalembert.  when hubs and i found ourselves in paris over our december holiday, we decided to give L’Atelier another try. happy christmas to us! Continue reading