overflowing with flowers

i have this vivid image in my head of my place looking like floral vision after S transformed it into his romantic vision of a thanksgiving spectacular.  of course, going through the pictures, i realised that i forgot to snap any standalone photos of the flowers by themselves. i did find one photo of my absolute favorite bouquet among the three that S threw together.  i took the photo the next day and even modified it (*gasp*) a bit by placing a lone rose bud into the base.  i needed somewhere to put it, right?

the thing i love so much about this particular bouquet is that it straddles so many elements. it’s a bit zen, a bit holiday, a bit romantic, a bit exotic, and it also looks different depending on the angle of your gaze.

a few days post thanksgiving, a friend of mine sent along another gorgeous bouquet from Fellan Florist in NYC.  it’s pretty in pastels and bursting with blooms!  i particularly like the flowering kale (the one that looks like a mini cabbage). how adorable!

so yes, for about 1 week, my place, outfitted with six separate bouquets in total, resembled a mini florist . . . i’m a lucky duck, ain’t i?




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