a thanksgiving menu

so i finally figured out my thanksgiving menu and it’s looking something like 16 nibbles, dishes and sides, plus 6 desserts.  a little american, a little asian, a bit french and brit.  i then remembered that my mom and aunt are also bringing two dishes each.  perhaps i went a bit over board?

i can’t wait to unload my fridge come thursday.  it’s stuffed to the hilt, so to speak. . .well there you go, now that you’ve seen the inside of my fridge, you know everything there is to know about me!

1. Sesame Puff Sticks
2. Cheese Tray

1. Roasted Turkey
2. 5 Spice Brined Duck
3. Lotus Leaf Steamed Powder Ribs
4. Eli’s Asian Salmon from Ina Garten
5. Garden Fresh Tomato Tart
6. Thai Style Seafood Salad
7. Jap Chae
8. Roasted Sweet Peppers
9. Sauteed French String Beans
10. Beef Wellington
11. Spinach with Black Sesame Sauce
12. Jellyfish and Pickled Radish Salad
13. Hakka Style Stuffed Tofu
14. Basil Chicken Stuffed in a Japanese Pumpkin

1. Fruit Terrine
2. Apple Tarte Tatin
3. Sweet Potato Tart with Pecans
4. Hidemi Sugino’s Financiers
5. Yogurt, Matcha and Azuki Terrine
6. Apple Compote Cake with Rum Buttercream Frosting


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