kimukatsu キムカツ: thousand layered tonkatsu

pork tonkatsu, by itself, is a guilty pleasure — a piece of tenderized pork loin, breaded in panko and then deep fried and served with a fruity and caramelized tonkatsu sauce. now, kimukatsu’s rendition of pork tonkatsu, with its thin layers of pork stacked on top of your choice of garlic, scallion, ume or cheese is as  fashionista rachel zoe would say, “beyond, just so beyond, i die, i mean, i literally die.”  i kinda like to think of kimukatsu as the love child of a mille-crepe cake  pastry artist and a traditional tonkatsu chef.

so which flavor to get? i ordered the scallion flavor (in the picture above), and i quite enjoyed it.  when we sat down, our waiter recommended garlic and cheese as his favorite.  my dining companion elected for garlic — they all seemed to gulf it down before i could ask for a sample.  G, who recommended Kimukatsu to me, said he really liked ume.  i did see quite a lot of customers ordering what appeared to be sampler platters, container one of each flavor.

the mille-pork is also served with a never-ending bowl of shredded cabbage (which is delightfully refreshing when dressed with their house sesame sauce) and a bowl of japanese rice.  we got refills on the cabbage about 3 times.

what can i say?  happy eating!

[there are various kimukatsu’s in japan. i visited the one in ginza; G went to the location in Ebisu]
Ginza branch (slightly different name ゲンカツ)
東京都中央区銀座4-6-18  銀座アクトビル3F
Tel: 03-3567-1129
(near the Mitsukoshi Ginza)
approximately 2500 yen/pp for dinner

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