sadaharu aoki grand opening in tokyo midtown

on our last day before we departed from tokyo, hubs, K and i headed over to tokyo midtown to grab some lunch.  while wandering around looking for a place to eat in the complex’s glorious gourmet lower level, we came across, yes, hold your breath, the grand opening of sadaharu aoki’s tokyo midtown boutique.  to be fair, sadaharu always maintained a kiosk presence at tokyo midtown. on the 18th, he upgraded to a full fledged store, complete with spotless white seating and elegantly illuminated pastry counters. he has on offer the usual suspects: delicate cakes, cookies, color chocolates, tea cakes, chocolate dipped dried fruit and (not pictured) flaky green tea croissants which i had not seen at any previous sadaharu aoki location.

prices appear to be slightly higher than in paris, but that may have to do with the yen being at an all time high.

earlier in the week, i visited the sadaharu aoki counter at shinjuku isetan and picked up a lovely cassis chocolate cake. absolutely divine!  it consists of layers of thin chocolate genoise soaked in some sort of liqueur or syrup and layered with cassis mouse.  he’s got something in between that provides a bit of crunch. while my sadaharu obsessed friend G has raved endlessly about the le bambou (green tea) cake, i think i’ve become smitten with le cassis!

check-out the packaging!  my small sliver of cassis cake came wrapped with two mini-ice packs and two cardboard bumpers to keep it from moving around while in transport.  the japanese are master packagers!!!

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