visit to l’isle sur la sorgue – part I

hubby and i were lucky enough to find ourselves in provence on a sunday with nothing better to do than taking a mini-roadtrip to l’isle sur la sorgue.  and on sundays, this tiny island community becomes transformed into a lively town market, selling everything from brocante to provençal linens to roast chicken to the most bountiful summer harvest. we meandered through the market for a good 2 hours or so.

i took photos nearly every 50 feet or so.  here are some of my favorites:

i was rather tempted to purchase a whole basket full of market delights for lunch, but i had made reservations at daniel hebet’s le jardin du quai for lunch . . . it was definitely worth the wait but more on that tomorrow!

ps. everything the guidebooks say about getting to l’isle sur la sorgue early is true.  while parking in town is free, it gets incredibly crowded past 12 noon.  we arrived at 10 am and it was packed but not unbearable.  by noon, it had become physically tedious to move through the crowds.


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