crack, snap and thud: the tomato accident

for the past few months or so, i’ve been documenting the growth of my tomatoes under the green shoots page of my blog.  things had been going splendidly with my tomatoes growing by leaps and bounds.  that is, until last night. . .

hubby heard a crack late in the evening emanating from the tomato plants.  i took a look at the plants and they seemed allright, so i thought nothing of it.  the next morning, i woke up to find that one of my larger tomato plants had snapped in three places  due to the weight of its fruits and crashed into its neighbor, causing its smaller neighbor to crack in one place as well. and, one of the larger (3 inches in diameter / 186g) , still green tomatoes fell to the ground with a thud. aiyeeeee!

i hurriedly got out my first aid kit and started to bandage up my tomato plants in the places they had cracked  (see red circle above) and re-attached them with waterproof first aid tape to the tomato stakes.  if all goes well, the cracked stalks will heal and form a scar.  fingers crossed until then!

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