ciao bella recipe book

yay, it’s here! the ciao bella cook book is a treasure trove of recipes for making your own gelato and sorbets at home.  the book has got most of the key flavors that ciao bella manufactures.  as i flipped through the book, i mentally checked off all the flavors that i’d be re-creating at home: coffee, mocha chip, espresso, fig & port, strawberry, peach, creme fraiche, red bean, green tea, mexican coffee, greek yogurt, and the list goes on and on!

the other day, i experimented with making blood orange sorbet.  turns out, after doing the math in my head, that the ciao bella version has got 1/6th of a cup more sugar, which translates into 130 more calories, than my version.   they also add orange zest into their sorbet mix, and they dissolve their sugar in water first, making a simple syrup and then adding that to the blood orange juice.

their recipe in really simple terms is to first make the simple syrup by  dissolving 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of simmering water.  allow the simple syrup to cool and then add to 3 cups of blood orange juice and 1 tbsp of blood orange zest.   pour the liquid into your gelato maker and follow the machine’s instructions.  wah lah! couldn’t be simpler!


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